Help Save the Evergreen and East End Cemeteries Today

For over 30 years, the Enrichmond Foundation has supported Richmond governmental agencies by activating citizen involvement, education, and fundraising.

Enrichmond acts as an umbrella non-profit organization for over eighty volunteer groups, special initiatives, and "Friends of" groups we call Partners. We help provide an increased level of accountability and transparency when and where private donations are made and assist in bridging the gap between our volunteer groups and local government agencies.

Enrichmond is responsible for stewarding and activating Richmond public spaces through conservation and programming. At Historic Evergreen and East End Cemeteries, Enrichmond is protecting and restoring the environment and facilitating engagement opportunities for the public. Our TreeLab program is growing trees and beautification plants for use throughout the city. Enrichmond’s events and programs, such as the Earth Day of Service, encourage community connection to public spaces.

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Volunteer hands in circle

Introducing the AmeriCorps NCCC Delta 4 Team and their Community Impact

September 8th, 2021

The AmeriCorps NCCC team – Delta 4 – has been hard at work helping to restore East End and Evergreen cemeteries. Since beginning their work in early August 2021, the…

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