Who is Enrichmond?

Serving the City of Richmond’s PEOPLE, PARKS, and PUBLIC SPACES; it’s most valued assets.

The Enrichmond Foundation is an umbrella non-profit organization for over 106 volunteer groups and special initiatives in the City of Richmond. Our partners include community and civic associations, outdoor enthusiasts, garden and history groups, and other citizen-based groups whose primary interest is to create, maintain, restore, or improve Richmond’s public spaces and recreational resources.


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Back Cut

Chimborazo Urban Orchard- Apple Tree Grafting Workshop

Blue Bee Cider will be conducting grafting workshops throughout March to teach people how to make their own heirloom variety apple trees. Blue Bee Cider hopes that as more people know how to propagate and grow apple trees, Richmond can start to reclaim its cidermaking heritage. In these hands-on workshops, each participant will learn the [...]

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