If you're interested in engaging your business or organization with Enrichmond's volunteer efforts at Evergreen Cemetery, please feel free to use the following template: 

Hi <insert office HR representative>,

I wanted to reach out and tell you about the organization that I volunteer through called Enrichmond Foundation. For over 27 years, Enrichmond Foundation—a non-profit organization—has supported the City of Richmond Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities through citizen involvement, education, and fundraising.

The combination of environmental stewardship and civic engagement fosters lasting relationships between organizations, the city of Richmond and the public creates a truly unique organization that works.

Enrichmond Foundation is asking to help them find more people to get involved. As a volunteer, there are many one-time to multi-day commitments that provide opportunities for us to engage with public spaces. Enrichmond is working to restore Historic Evergreen Cemetery in Richmond's East End, which is in great need of volunteer help.

They would love to come and discuss all that they do with us. Let me know your thoughts. The Volunteer and Partnership Coordinator, Alan Delbridge ([email protected]) is available if you have any questions!