Willing Workers With a Mission


  • Plant flowering shrubs in buffer area
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Keep curbs and buffers free of grass and debris
  • Fertilize and seed grass in buffer area

WWWM wants to be a model for other area blocks. The projects we have chosen will align with new construction in the surrounding area of Richmond’s East End, including new housing, the community market, Reynolds Culinary Center, Center for Planned Parenthood, the Sarah Garland Jones community building and the Front Porch Café. We are proud of the new developments and want to enhance our block and make a difference. We are fortunate that in August 2018 our block was named in honor of one of our residents who was heavily involved in the revitalization. This has given us the encouragement and fortitude to improve our block and make it more than a neighborhood…a community.

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Keith Mulvin

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