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Enrichmond TreeLab

TreeLab is here to beautify, improve, and inform the City of Richmond through ornamental plant production, planting, and education, with a focus on native species.

TreeLab produces high-quality beautification plants and connects citizens to the benefits of Richmond’s natural urban environment through information distribution, access to horticultural expertise, collaborative projects, and workforce development opportunities.

Our first goal to grow and plant trees, shrubs, and perennials aligns with the City of Richmond’s vision to create a greener, healthier city. Trees and beautification plants have proven benefits to a city’s ecosystem, including reduced utilities costs, improved quality of life, and mitigation of environmental issues related to urbanization.

Our goals also include citizen education and access. We want to inform citizens of the benefits of trees and other beautification plants, increase access to native and locally grown plant species, and serve as a community resource. TreeLab’s doors are open to the public and will provide workshops, resources for collaborative projects, and workforce development through paid internships. TreeLab endeavors to be a one-stop-shop for finding native, locally grown beautification plants, information on how to plant them, and educational activities related to plant care and benefits.

It starts with a park.

Explore four City parks that will benefit from trees grown at Enrichmond’s TreeLab. Click or tap on a colored icon to read more and get a video preview.

The Enrichmond TreeLab is made possible in large part by our community and retail partners

Stay tuned for more!

In the coming months, we’ll update this site to show our hard work, made possible by people like you!

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