Pine Camp Film Festival

February 29, 2020

The City of Richmond Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities Cultural Arts Division and the Enrichmond Foundation are thrilled to announce that we had over 900 submissions for the 1st annual 60 Second Short Film Fest, which took place at the Pine Camp Theater in Richmond, Virginia on February 29, 2020. It was a full house.

Eighty films from young and experienced filmmakers were screened. A special award ceremony at the end of the selected screenings was hosted by comedian Philly Plowden who has headlined numerous comedy clubs across the U.S.

*** Denotes Winner

Best of Show, Director’s Choice:

VIVASANTANNA by Simona Bua from Italy ***

Finalists in Narrative Fiction, Adult Category:

AMERICA by Horia Cucută and George ve Gänæaard from Romania ***
The story of one man who builds a fortress from fear.

Condemned by Nima Daneshmand from Iran
A woman who confronts her husband finds the judge is her husband.

Toddler by Laurent Pagé from Canada
A child uses parkour to find his pacifier.

GIF by Herminio Cardiel from Spain
A couple lets tech get in the way of their date.

Tea Shirt by Raj Dutta from India
A child gives his t-shirt to change two adult’s perspective.

Real Life by Camila Mezzetti and Ramon Faria from the United States
A woman’s hero becomes a deadbeat, and she ends the relationship.

Finalists in Nonfiction/Documentary, Adult Category:

φ by Jamillah van der Hulst from Norway ***
A woman finds hope and balance amidst the trying times of climate change.

Stones on the Path by Diogo Andrade from Portugal
Homeless artists find their path by creating sculptures from stone.

Interrogation (or Legalized Psychopath) by Moisés Pantolfi from Brazil
On a rainy night in Rio de Janeiro, the police mistake an umbrella for a weapon with tragic consequences.

Plus One Minute by Abdullah Şahin from Turkey
Through love, a child sees himself as a super hero.

Human in the Forest by Wojciech Garus from Poland
A drone’s view of the forest from the trees depicts the problem of clear-cuts.

Finalists in Narrative Fiction, Youth Category:

Ladybug from Australia by Balazs Remias, Mansfield State High School ***
A friendship of a caterpillar and a ladybug is tested by a spider.

Skeleton Olympia by Ariane Ferrer from the United States
A deceased artist paints his muse “Olympia” with unexpected results.

The Intruder from Australia
A wooden mannequin’s sleep is disturbed by things that go bump in the night.

Homesick by Nathan Kadota from the United States
An older brother bullies his sister.

2018 by Oliver Marsden from Australia
A ghost visits the memories of her past life.

Finalists in Documentary, Youth Category:

Memory by Aron Attiwell from Australia ***
A student’s family and life memories are captured through video.

Erosion: Nature’s Eraser by Amara, Ben, Carlie, Luna from the United States
Students document a severe erosion problem on Richmond’s North-side.

Finalists in Narrative Fiction, Children Category:

Pollution Today, No Animals Tomorrow by Kamryn, Solayla, and Te’ Ziah from the United States ***
A polluter leaves trash and junk food on the trail which makes a deer sick.

Alien Delivery by Elijah, Devin, Jacob, Alexi from the United States
Two aliens demand the best pizza in the world from some pizza makers.

Chocolate Mouse by Aaliyah, Brook, Carmen, Layla, and Nyree, from the United States
A mouse steals away with chocolate cake while leaving the detectives with a trail of crumbs.

Chef’s Surprise by Jacore, Jasmine, K’Tana, and Mekhi from the United States
Out of jealousy, two chefs try to ruin the career of the top chef.

Finalists in Nonfiction/Documentary, Children’s category:

Quest for Hope by Jameelah, Jordan, and Noa from the United States ***
The story of Dr. Beatrice Motley Cole and her struggles through the deadly tuberculosis disease and her triumph through faith.

60 Second Film Fest Trailer, 2020
Edited by Adam Lapallo

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