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Innovate Fulton is a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization of Greater Fulton’s Business District. Staffed full-time (pro bono) by an experienced urban revitalization professional and overseen by a diverse and neighborhood-based Board, Innovate Fulton has a far-reaching agenda.

Our goal is a thriving, walkable, aesthetically pleasing, mixed-use commercial district that provides opportunities for shopping, employment, essential services, public gatherings, recreation, and green space.

Our Plan of Action includes

  • An entrepreneurship program designed to home grow business for the commercial district. The program called LAUNCH FULTON, is designed to train and finance small business owners. The goal is to bring a diverse collection of neighborhood residents into the world of business ownership
  • Working to create a “green” commercial district that includes green infrastructure, additional trees, creation of open space, and removal of asphalt.
  • Dedication to SMART GROWTH including better design in the private and public spheres, additional transportation opportunities, and incremental development.
  • Promotion of the district to various constituencies across the RVA.
  • Honoring the history of Greater Fulton through work with the Friends of Historic Fulton Memorial Park.
  • Support for neighborhood artists of all ages—including public art.
  • The creation of an online newsletter FULTON FORUM to robustly engage the entire community.


Chuck D’Aprix
[email protected]

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Chuck D’Aprix

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