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The Pump House is a historic and architectural treasure and it needs your help!

Located on the North Bank of the James River, the multi-use Pump House was constructed on the same site as the first canal lock system in the USA. The downstairs was a public-use pumping station and the upstairs was a venue for lavish events and dances until the mid-1920’s.

A revitalized Pump House would be the crown jewel of the City of Richmond’s already stellar park system.  However, the building needs water and sewer hookups, roof repairs and an outside elevator constructed to comply with ADA requirements before a certificate of occupancy will be issued for the building. A certificate of occupancy is necessary before public access or any use of the Pump House can be granted.

Through your donations and volunteer efforts, we as a community can revitalize the Pump House and surrounding park to its former glory.

For more information and to get involved, please visit the Friends of Pump House website.

To take a virtual tour, please visit the links below:

Pump House Mapbook Photos

Pump House Movie Tour with Audio

Photo by Jim McGlone

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