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Friends of Richmond Sister Cities is the independent nonprofit organization supporting the mission and activities of the City of Richmond’s Sister Cities Commission through tax deductible fundraising. Enrichmond is our fiscal sponsor.

 The Richmond Sister Cities Commission aspires to be the lead representative for Virginia’s capital region in fostering international cultural and educational exchange, everyday citizen diplomacy, and cross-cultural community development. Our mission is to be a conduit for all Richmonders who wish to connect with people of other nationalities and cultures.
The City of Richmond holds Sister City relationships with Richmond-on-Thames (UK, since 1938), Saitama (Japan, since 1993), Segou (Mali, since 2009), Zhengzhou (China, since 1994), Windhoek (Namibia, since 1998), and Olsztyn (Poland, since 1994). From this core group of six bilateral city partnerships, the Commission promotes vibrant exchanges that showcase the best each city has to offer to the rest of the world. With an eye towards the future, we aim to continuously widen our global reach by forging new Sister Cities partnerships across the world that reflect and enhance our own community’s values and interests.

We strive to spotlight and celebrate the increasingly diverse character of our region’s growing population. We seek to continuously strengthen our multicultural, multiethnic, and multinational community and elevate its profile, both inwardly and outwardly, as a defining feature of the Greater Richmond area. We aim to provide the platform that connects individuals and entities seeking to experience, grow from, and contribute to the region’s burgeoning internationalization.

Richmond Sister Cities Commission – Connecting Richmond to the world and the world to Richmond!  

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