Friends of Allen Ave Common

We invite you to become a part of the transformation of our green and capacious common park. FAAC along with community support is committed to upholding the standards of this beautifully designed space.

 Welcome to Allen Avenue Common Park, a City median to be transformed by neighbors and residents for the enjoyment and recreation of the entire community. A beautiful, inviting space with benches and walkways will enhance the experience of all who visit. New trees, shrubs, ground cover and hard scape will create a new gathering place for residents and visitors alike. Our common park is located on North Allen Avenue between the Robert E. Lee Monument and Park Avenue.

Our Vision

The renovation plan emphasizes state-of-the-art planting, soil and hard scape installation practices along with low maintenance tree, shrub and ground cover choices.

FAAC’s goal is to renovate, rejuvenate and beautify the landscape on the Allen Avenue median that lies south of the Lee Monument to its intersection with Park Avenue. Currently, the hard packed earth does not drain after rainfall and grass struggle to grow with shade and tree roots.   It is a sad looking landscape that residents, neighbors, and visitors notice when crossing or using the median. Our vision is to create a capacious and inviting urban park – a worthy bookend to the national treasure of Monument Avenue.

Your donation counts!

By donating these generous commemorative amounts you not only subsidize the cost of the item but contribute generously toward funding the cost of initial construction and also ongoing maintenance.  Your donation and designated honoree will be noted on appropriate plaques or sign.  Many thanks!

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