Chimborazo Native Food Project

The Chimborazo Native Food Project is located in Church Hill’s Chimborazo Park across the cobblestone road near the Dog Park. The goals of the project are threefold.
A) To provide food sourced from native plants to residents of the East End and park visitors with a priority on low-income families and individuals.
B) To provide the general public with educational resources about the relationships between native plant communities, wildlife, and humans. 
C) To provide food and nesting resources to native wildlife. 
Some of the edible foods which will be located at the site include Chickasaw plums, American hazelnuts, sunchokes, black raspberries, passion fruit, muscadine grapes, common milkweed, and spiderwort. Donations will go to acquiring seeds for native perennial vegetables, vines, shrubs, trees, educational and distribution materials, and site maintenance.
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