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After attending a social, group biking event in Denver that drew hundreds of people sporting costumes, cow bells, and glow sticks ending at a mystery location, Andrew and Sydney Lester returned home to Richmond, Virginia, a city with decidedly far less bike infrastructure, but no shortage of bike advocacy.
Richmond was the stage for the 2015 UCI Road World Championships; bike infrastructure, bike advocacy projects, and bike supporters abounded. We thought to ourselves “wouldn’t it be cool if something like Denver Cruisers existed in Richmond?”
We knew inherently that cars and cyclists would never acclimate towards each other if cyclists stayed off the road (bike infrastructure be darned) so how could we get tons of people out on the road at one time – being safe, obeying traffic laws, loving biking – all while having fun?
We chatted up a few friends, fellow Richmond bike fanatics, and lured them in with promises of beer, and off we went. Soon the group grew to seven dedicated strangers, now friends, who put a “very Richmond” twist on the social biking concept.
Breakaway RVA was born with a mission to build community through biking and biking through community. Each of our unique rides consist of various neighborhood starting locations around the city, a super secret end location, Richmond history lessons, and whatever else we can cook up! All we can promise is fun.
Breakaway RVA is your chance to breakaway from the current status quo, so change the norm – get off that app, hop on a bike, meet a new friend and explore the best that Richmond has to offer!

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