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NAEVA Geophysics to Conduct GPR Scanning at Historic Cemeteries

Enrichmond staff contacted NAEVA Geophysics to conduct GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) scanning at East End, Evergreen, and Paupers Cemeteries using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology. GPR is a nondestructive method of imaging the subsurface of the ground using radar pulses. Our partnership with NAEVA marks the beginning of a scientific investigation of the subsurfaces of areas in the cemeteries not previously tested or probed.


Resilience in Action: Friends of Battery Park

In 2009, tragedy gave birth to new growth. The park’s Grand Reopening celebration in June came out of a collaboration between Parks and Rec, Battery Park Civic Association and Friends of Battery Park, the group explains. The signs of new growth are still visible — seven trees planted in 2009 decorate the Battery Park landscape even today.


Welcome New VISTA Member, Allyson Flinn!

The Enrichmond Foundation would like to welcome Allyson Flinn, Enrichmond Grants Coordinator VISTA.


June Remote Volunteer Highlight: Jiabi Chen

We’re highlighting the stories of some of our volunteers for East End and Evergreen Cemeteries who are working remotely while COVID-19 limits on-site volunteer activities at the cemeteries.


May Remote Volunteer Highlight: Lee Ann Timreck

We’re highlighting the stories of some of our volunteers for East End and Evergreen Cemeteries who are working remotely while COVID-19 limits on-site volunteer activities at the cemeteries.


Veteran Spotlight: J. Maurice Hopkins, ExPRT member

J. Maurice Hopkins is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and the Vietnam War. He shared with us his story of service and, more recently, the final Honor Flight to recognize WWII veterans, to which Korean and Vietnam War veterans were also invited to attend. He is a member of the ExPRT advisory team for Historic Evergreen Cemetery.


Veteran Spotlight: Alexander “Al” Smith, ExPRT member

Today we are sharing Mr. Alexander “Al” Smith’s story of his service in the U.S. Army as well as the Virginia National Guard. He is a member of the advisory ExPRT team for Historic Evergreen Cemetery and frequently volunteers the services of his tractor to help with work onsite. Thank you to Al and all veterans for your service!

Evergreen Cemetery-MC photo copy

Memorial Day Spotlight: Maggie L. Walker’s Family Traditions

Memorial Day is a time of remembrance for all of the servicemen and women who have served our country and given their all to keep us safe. There are many traditions associated with Memorial Day and visiting cemeteries is one shared across time and place throughout the United States. One of the most famous residents of Historic Evergreen Cemetery, Mrs. Maggie L. Walker, had a family tradition of visiting Evergreen Cemetery on Memorial Day.


Memorial Day Spotlight: A Brief History of “Decoration Day”

Memorial Day began first as “Decoration Day” in the immediate aftermath of the U.S. Civil War. It was a tradition initiated by former slaves to celebrate emancipation and commemorate those who died for that cause.


10 Ways for Community Groups to Connect During Coronavirus

It may feel like this virus has put life on pause. But that doesn’t mean you need to pause the good work you’re doing! Here are some ways for your nonprofit group to weather the storm and come out stronger on the other side.


Gardening Tips from Vicky Campbell

Vicky Campbell, who works with the City of Richmond Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities, has compiled helpful handouts to guide you through your gardening this spring and summer.

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Support Public Spaces During COVID-19

The Enrichmond Foundation’s mission is to nurture placemaking by empowering the people, parks, and public spaces of Richmond. It enacts its mission by serving as a support organization for volunteer groups, managing placemaking projects, as well as by creating greener, healthier, and more activated public spaces. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of parks and…

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