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Get to know the Executive Planning and Review Team for Historic Evergreen Cemetery


The Historic Evergreen Cemetery Executive Planning and Review Team (ExPRT) advises the Enrichmond Foundation in planning, reviewing, and prioritizing initiatives relating to the restoration of Historic Evergreen Cemetery, located in the City of Richmond, Virginia.  The Team’s discussions, decisions, and recommendations inform the strategic priorities and tactical implementation of Evergreen’s multi-year restoration process.

Comprised of 15–25 Historic Evergreen Cemetery stakeholders, the Team plays a key role in representing and prioritizing the ideas, suggestions, and concerns of a wide range of community stakeholders to help strengthen the impact, quality, and sustainability of the restoration project. Team members are committed to the successful restoration of Historic Evergreen Cemetery as a sacred, accessible, public place where African American perspectives and histories are dignified and celebrated.


Nominations for Team membership organically grew out of more than six months of conversations among the Evergreen Cemetery Caretaker, Evergreen family members, and African American community leaders.  Individuals were invited to join the Team according to the following criteria:

  • Connections to loved ones resting at Evergreen
  • Possession of local knowledge and experience as a longtime resident of the City of Richmond
  • Commitment to dignifying African American places, people, and perspectives
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively and to communicate respectfully and constructively

Team membership (which is unpaid and voluntary) extends for a period of one year, from June 1st of the current year through May 31st of the following year.  At the close of each one-year term, the Team membership will evolve to reflect the needs of the community and the project.

Advisory Team Members (June 2018–May 2019):

  • Mr. Franklin Archer
  • Ms. Viola Baskerville
  • Ms. Elvatrice Belsches
  • Ms. Janine Bell
  • Mr. Melvin Brinkley
  • Ms. Marilyn Campbell, Secretary
  • Ms. Veronica Davis
  • Ms. Jarene Fleming
  • Ms. Ernestine Gilpin
  • Rev. Marilyn Heckstall
  • Mr. J. Maurice Hopkins
  • Ms. Loucressa James
  • Ms. Mary Lauderdale, Assistant Secretary
  • Ms. Janith Libron
  • Dr. Johnny Mickens III
  • Mr. John Mitchell
  • Ms. Chryshunda Moore
  • Ms. Nadia Orton
  • Dr. Ted Ritter
  • Ms. Ajena Rogers
  • Mr. John Shuck
  • Mr. Alexander Smith
  • Rev. H. Creed Taylor, Jr.
  • Mr. Richard Waller, Jr.

ExPRT Meeting Minutes are available to the public on the Evergreen Library page.

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