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Become a Partner

Who are Enrichmond’s Partners?
Our Partners include community and civic associations, outdoor enthusiasts, garden and history groups, and other citizen-based groups whose primary interest is to maintain, restore, preserve, or improve Richmond’s public recreational resources. See a complete list of our Partners.

What does Enrichmond do for their Partners?
By affiliating with our Foundation and becoming an official Partner, these committed individuals are given the opportunity to apply for grants and solicit tax-deductible contributions
– Partners are given access to a complete staff to help them navigate fundraising, marketing, and anything else they may need
– Enrichmond provides bookkeeping support with an on-staff CPA and a finance team for the Partners
– Partners are built an online web page to receive donations, and access to their financial report 24-hours a day in the Partnership Dashboard

Stipulations for becoming an Enrichmond Partner:
– Applicants may not be incorporated (no LLC’s, no 501(c)(3)’s, corporations, etc.)
– Applicants may not already have a fiscal agent
– Our Partners may not lobby as a group under our fiscal umbrella
– Applicant’s mission and vision should match closely to our mission “to serve the people, parks, and public space of the City of Richmond”
– Applicants must work within the City of Richmond

Enrichmond Partner Application

Please fill out this application and our Partnership Committee will go over your application during our monthly meeting. If you have questions prior to filling out this application, please email [email protected]
  • Contact Information

  • Partner Information

    Let's hear about your great group!
  • example- is your group an LLC, s-corp, or already a 501(c)(3)?
  • A general mission is fine. Enrichmond's is: "to serve the people, parks and public spaces of Richmond."
  • You may list up to ten.
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  • Please provide their contact information, you may add up to ten contacts.
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  • Please provide their contact information, you may add up to five contacts.
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  • Anything else?

    Make your application shine!
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  • Attach any proposals, PDFs, or anything else you're proud of!
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