Continuing Our Commitment to Legacy: Descendant Families

Published on May 7th, 2021 by The Enrichmond Foundation

Since January, the Enrichmond Foundation has placed a focus on legacy: honoring those who’ve come before us, celebrating those who are making their mark today, and uplifting the many people who are building a brighter future for us tomorrow.

If you’ve been keeping up with our Legacy series on our YouTube channel, you’ll hear compelling stories from Richmond greats like Kelli Lemon and the founders of the Jackson Ward Collective, Korinn Carter from the St. Luke Legacy Center, and our incredible founder, Dr. Patricia Joy Jackson Brown.

When Dr. Brown co-founded Enrichmond Foundation over 30 years ago, she believed in the power of community and our collective ability to improve the world we live in. We’re proud to say that today, we currently have over 80 active community groups, all composed of engaged citizens who host events, meetups, and volunteer opportunities that serve the people and/or public spaces. That’s our legacy, and one you are a part of, too.

When it comes to Evergreen & East End Cemeteries, we hold tight our commitment to those interred there. That means we invest time and resources into clearing land and restoring plots, all while focusing efforts on reconnecting families to their loved ones and ancestors. The descendant families serve as constant reminders that our work is critical now more than ever. We’re proud to build meaningful relationships with them as we discover and share their stories. They now serve as volunteers who work with our staff and volunteers to keep their and other fellow descendant family legacies alive.

While we support the community in a number of ways, this aspect of our work lets us know that we’re on the right track with how we choose to show up in the Richmond area. When we develop new ideas, we consult with descendant families. Our plans for the cemeteries? Crafted with the input of descendant families. Every aspect of our organization, whether spearheaded by Dr. Brown or developed in more recent times, we make sure descendant families voices are heard and their input applied. That is our commitment to them, and our commitment to you, too.

In the coming months, we’re excited to introduce you to descendant family members and continue telling the stories of Richmond greats. New photos, videos, and biographies are underway, thanks to the work of our incredible Family Services Consultant, Kelly Pratt.

We welcome you to watch, read, and learn about the people who’ve helped shape this city into what it is today. The legacy continues!