AmeriCorps’ NCCC Bayou 2 Team Joins Us during National Volunteer Month!

Published on April 16th, 2021 by The Enrichmond Foundation

Happy National Volunteer Month! Volunteerism is the lifeblood of our organization. So much of the incredible work we’re fortunate to do here in Richmond is made possible by countless volunteers who join us each weekend. Our mission isn’t just to clear, restore, and protect the precious cemeteries in our care; it’s also to be intentional in our efforts to beautify Richmond. We know that we can’t do it alone, and why would we want to? We’re so much stronger together. Richmond residents have a vested interest in keeping this city beautiful, so and whether it’s through our weekly cleanup projects or TreeLab tree planting events, the community comes out in droves to show their commitment to our beloved RVA.  From families to Greek organizations and passionate individuals, we’ve had the honor of joining forces with the best volunteers this city has to offer. And now, we’re thrilled to welcome a group of volunteers from across the country, the AmeriCorps NCCC Bayou 2 Team!

It’s always an honor to have these young leaders join us in service. Just like the team from December, this team has extensive experience in working in parks and on rough terrain, and have been working in other public spaces to clear trails and enhance access to the spaces. We’re especially excited to have them join us for our Earth Day Cemetery Cleanup!

“Our team is partnering with the Enrichmond Foundation to help restore the cemetery, clear debris, and find missing graves,” says Emmelene Lanie of the Bayou 2 team. “We’re here to help give people who rest in the cemetery their voice back. So far, our team has helped find two headstones! We’ve been pulling up stumps, chainsawing, pulling vines, and making a huge improvement to the cemetery overall!”

We couldn’t be prouder of these young leaders on the AmeriCorps NCCC Team. Carrying out our mission is a collaborative effort, made stronger by those who extend their time, experience, and most of all, their passion. We’re made greater by the AmeriCorps Team, and will be updating you all month long on the incredible work we’re accomplishing together. Stay tuned for updates from their team on Facebook and Instagram!