History. Culture. Support.

Published on February 3rd, 2021 by The Enrichmond Foundation

Happy Black History Month! Last month, we shared with you our intention for the new year: Legacy. All 2021 and beyond, the Enrichmond Foundation is committed to preserving and celebrating the legacies of those who rest in our cemeteries, and will continue to engage the community in meaningful ways as we build a lasting legacy throughout our city. From our volunteer efforts to TreeLab, we’re excited to embark on this journey and invite you to join us all year long.

This month in particular, our Black History Month celebration can be summarized by one phrase: History, Culture, Support. 


Black history is American history. We understand that we wouldn’t be where we are today without the contributions of Black Americans, and we’re constantly discovering just how rich our region is with Black history. The achievements of Black Richmonders span generations, and we have the privilege of learning that history with each day spent clearing the cemeteries. We don’t hide from the parts of history that are harder to accept, like the injustices ancestors faced as they established their own legacies. Instead, we learn from our past while celebrating the resilience, determination, and historical contributions that continue to shape this city as we know it. In order to fully celebrate where we are today, we must first understand our history. This month, we’re making it our duty to highlight historymakers and share their stories with you.


Black culture permeates nearly every aspect of American culture as well. So many elements of our world as we know it has been shaped by Black culture, including food, entertainment, experiences, literature, and inventions. We understand the need to make space for and keep Black voices at the forefront of our efforts, and celebrate the culture birthed from those resting in the cemeteries in our care. Through video interviews with some of Richmond’s tastemakers, we look forward to offering a glimpse into just how impactful Black culture is to Richmond’s overall culture.


As we see burgeoning Black-owned businesses throughout the city of Richmond, we understand our duty to offer our full support and invest in them. We hold a responsibility to not just highlight the businesses that help build up our economy, but to put our money where our mouth is, too! From the teams who help our daily operations to the creative minds who help us tell powerful stories, Enrichmond takes our commitment to investing in Black business seriously. We’re building a legacy that centers Black history, Black culture, and the Black economy and encourage our audience to do the same. Richmond would not be the city it is without their contributions, and we must all make it our duty to offer our support. This Black History Month, we’re championing local Black businesses and using our resources to push for widespread support. 

We invite you to join us in this month’s Black History Month celebration! All month long on Facebook and Instagram, we’ll be hosting giveaways to Black-owned businesses, sharing trivia and fun facts, and will showcase exciting features of the many Black Americans who make our region great. We can’t wait to share it all with you!