Tools to Fight Climate Change: Conservation Easements and Carbon Credits

Published on October 14th, 2020 by Enrichmond Foundation

The Enrichmond Foundation utilizes a couple of unique environmental protection tools to protect public land, tree canopy, and to fund our conservation projects. Conservation easements and carbon credits allow us and our partners to ensure the environmental benefits of green spaces and tree canopy can be enjoyed for generations to come.

What is a conservation easement?

A voluntary legal agreement used to protect open land from development. Easements preserve the ecological benefits of open space for future generations.

How is Enrichmond involved in local conservation easements?

Enrichmond has worked with Capital Region Land Conservancy and Virginia Outdoors Foundation to secure conservation easements for the James River Park System and East End and Evergreen Cemeteries, respectively. These lands are prevented from development in perpetuity and serve a key role in our urban environment, where large tracts of accessible green space are in short supply.

Panel Discussion About Conservation Easements:

Panel Discussion moderated by Tee Clarkson of Atoka Conservation Exchange, with Brett Glymph of Virginia Outdoors Foundation and Parker Agelasto of Capital Region Land Conservancy

What are carbon credits?

A permit or certificate equal to at least one tonne of carbon dioxide, representative of the amount of carbon sequestered by preserved or planted tree canopy. Carbon credits can be sold to organizations looking to offset their carbon emissions as a mechanism for preserving or planting forests.

How is Enrichmond involved with carbon credits?

Enrichmond worked with City Forest Credits to become an accredited carbon credit distributer. We went through a rigorous application process to preserve the tree canopy at East End and Evergreen Cemeteries, translate the trees’ carbon sequestration to sellable carbon credits, and we are now in the process of selling those credits to businesses and organizations interested in offsetting their carbon emissions. The funds from the sale of the credits will be used as a funding mechanism to continue to preserve and restore the cemeteries.

TreeLab Interview with City Forest Credits:

Thank you to Earth Day Network for funding this promotional campaign and helping us get the word out about fighting climate change through environmental protection tools!