NAEVA Geophysics to Conduct GPR Scanning at Historic Cemeteries

Published on July 31st, 2020 by Enrichmond Foundation

Recently, we were inspired by the Preservers of the Daughters of Zion Cemetery in Charlottesville, VA, who worked with NAEVA Geophysics to produce a Geophysical Data Analysis Report mapping exactly where internments are located in the cemetery.

See the Preservers of the Daughters of Zion Cemetery’s report here.

Enrichmond staff contacted NAEVA to discuss conducting the same work at East End, Evergreen, and Paupers Cemeteries using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology. GPR is a nondestructive method of imaging the subsurface of the ground using radar pulses. In July 2020, using the NOGGIN GPR system you see in the photos, NAEVA collected the first sample data from Evergreen and East End.

Our partnership with NAEVA marks the beginning of a scientific investigation of the subsurfaces of areas in the cemeteries not previously tested or probed. The goal is not only to find family members whose final resting places have been lost for decades, but also to learn where graves are not located. The resulting report will be public and will also relate to the GIS surveying work Enrichmond is currently conducting to accurately map each gravesite.

Thank you to Preservers of the Daughters of Zion Cemetery for their example and to NAEVA for working with Enrichmond staff on this exciting project. 

Footage of the NOGGIN at work