Who is Newton Ancarrow?

Published on May 16th, 2019 by Judy Thomas

A blog series presented by Plants of the James River Project

Blog 2: Who is Newton Ancarrow?
Newton Ancarrow was born in 1920 and lived near, and played around, the James River as a child. He later graduated from the University of Richmond with degrees in chemistry and physics, and used this training in WWII, and later as a rocket engineer. This latter job fit one description of Newton to a tee, that is, he had “a need for speed.” In 1959 he bought a boat building business in NJ and relocated it to an area in Richmond along the James now called “Ancarrow’s Landing.” This area was previously notorious as a landing area for slaves to be sold in Richmond. It was also a site of the Confederate Boatworks. What could Newton Ancarrow possibly have to do with native plants? Blog 3 will tell you!

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Photo Credit to the VCU Libraries in conjunction with the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden and the VCU Rice Rivers Center.

The Ancarrow Digital Archive at https://labs.library.vcu.edu/ancarrow/