Tour Historic Evergreen Cemetery with The Valentine

Published on April 3rd, 2018 by Jess Maffey

From Kathy Whittington, tour guide:

Join The Valentine and Enrichmond on Saturday, April 28 from 10am-12pm for a special tour of Historic Evergreen Cemetery. Learn the life stories and achievements of these individuals as we walk the newly opened sections of Evergreen Cemetery.  Be a part of the discovery and restoration of this historic landscape and memorial park. Tour participants are encouraged to volunteer with restoration efforts following the tour.

Kathy put together a questionnaire highlighting some of the fascinating African-American Richmonders laid to rest at Evergreen Cemetery. For answers to these questions and more, be sure to sign-up for your spot on the tour!

1.  Which of the following attorneys earned a law degree from Yale University in 1880?

a.  Giles Jackson

b.  James H. Hayes

c.  Edwin Archer Randolph


2.  Which couple were missionaries to Africa?

a.  Dr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Newman

b.  John James Coles & Lucy Henry Coles

c.  Joseph Endom Jones & Rosa K Jones

d.  Dr. & Mrs. Albert Tennant


3.  A university library is named for this educator. Was it . .

a.  Benjamin A. Graves

b.  Dr. Albert A. Tennant

c.  James Hugo Johnston

d.  Rev. J. Andrew Bowler


4.  Which individual would “Walk into the jaws of death” to defend his race?

a.  Daniel J. Farrar

b.  John Mitchell, Jr.

c.  A. D. Price


5.  The mission of this woman was to empower other women to be self-sufficient through job training, thrift and hard work. Was it . .

a.  Dr. Sara Garland Boyd Jones

b.  Maggie Lena Walker

c.  Roberta Luster


6.  Which one of these women was the founder of a bank in Richmond?

a.  Rosa K. Jones

b.  Phyllis T. Coleman

c.  Maggie Lena Walker


7.  Which of the following is not an African American fraternal or mutual benefit society?

a.  A.B.C.

b.  I.O.S.L.

c.  G.U.O.O.F.

d.  W.C.V.E.


8.  A Richmond middle school is named for this individual. Is it. . .

a.  Arthur Watson

b.  Benjamin Graves

c.  Rev. J. Andrew Bowler

d.  Henry Walton


9.  This contractor built several buildings in Jackson Ward still in use today. Was it . . .

a.  Jeremiah M. Newman

b.  Daniel Farrar

c.  John Bly


10.  Which individual took his fight for civil rights all the way to the U. S. Supreme Court?

a.  Giles Jackson

b.  Edwin Archer Randolph

c.  James H. Hayes

d.  Edward Brown

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