RichmondOutside Article Sheds Light on TreeLab

Published on January 3rd, 2018 by Jess Maffey

We are proud to partner with to introduce TreeLab and its plans for the future.

At the heart of TreeLab is a desire to see more and better trees go into Richmond’s urban soil. Trees’ abilities to mitigate water, soil and airborne pollution, reduce stormwater runoff, absorb excess carbon, and lower surface and air temperatures are drawing the attention of urban enclaves throughout the U.S., including Richmond. This year, RVA H20 released the RVA Clean Water Plan, prepared for the Department of Public Utilities, and trees play a significant role in green infrastructure meant to get results (and meet EPA requirements). The many physical and psychological benefits of trees – including reduced stress and even lower levels of domestic violence in tree-laden areas – have increasingly found their way into the news… 

As we enter the new year, proceeds from our retail operation will cycle into a program to increase Richmond’s tree canopy through street tree plantings, especially in areas of the city that lack tree coverage.”

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Please reach out to Aaron McFarland with any questions about TreeLab!