Partner Highlight: Richmond Racers

Published on March 29th, 2016 by Enrichmond Blog Archive

The air was humid as the chlorine hit my face upon entering the Swansboro Elementary pool. Coach Mike, the heart of the Richmond Racers, was at the other end of the room meeting each student with cheers of encouragement as they lapped and kicked off the pool. Coach Mike has been with the Racers since day one and is an inspiration to the whole group.

The Racers offer affordable and family-oriented competitive swim club experience to a large and diverse population in Richmond. The Racers have been bridging the gap between recreational swimming and competitive swimming for nearly twenty years. When the small group of parent-led volunteers came to the Enrichmond Foundation they were serving 35-40 members in the Richmond area. Presently they are helping nearly 95 children and teens meet their swimming goals.

The Racers have been growing and expanding! In January they started a recreational league that partnered with Swim RVA and this summer they are adding a new Summer Swim program.

Enrollment for Richmond Racers is limited, so be sure to reserve a spot on the roster today!

Visit the Racer’s site for more information:

Please consider making a tax deductible donations to the Richmond Racers, by visiting:

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